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into the channel 2 newsroom of a bart station closure. bart officials say the dublin pleasanton station is closed due to an equipment problem at the station. dublin trains will not travel past west dublin station. so this is causing delays for passengers heading east on dublin trains. >>> the police officers who rescued a newborn baby in san francisco are speaking out today. both the child and mother were taken to the hospital. ktvualle rasmus has more on how the police are describing their experience. >> reporter: the police officers are calling it a traumatic experience because the newborn baby almost did not survive but because of their quick response and the knowledge of cpr, the baby is in stable condition. the officer's here at the baby station got a standing ovation for their actions. [ applause ] >> reporter: that's officer matt clout on the left and steve grinch on the right and they responded to a call about a newborn baby in distress early wednesday morning in the air of third and mckinen. they found the infant outside wrapped up in a blanket. he was in the arms of a man believed to be
to capitol hill. >> so you really think you can take the city of dublin politics to washington and it's gonna work? >> at the end of the day, it's about personal relationships, trust, working together for the people who elected you. >> reporter: swalwell was a dublin city councilman and said he had to work with republicans in other words to pass the city budget. he says it's the same kind of compromise strategy in washington. >> i'm confident there can still be a budget beater here where we can beat the clock and deliver on middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: i asked him to give me one word to describe his feelings enter this fiscal cliff shark tank. >> exciting. >> you're excited? >> i'm confident that congress will see the will of the people. >> reporter: he says he's excited about making sure his supporters know he is ready to hit the pavement running. one supporter in particular. >> my own mom at christmas dinner told me, do not raise my taxes. she is following, just like other americans, what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: representative elect swalwell hez his new
head towards dublin. the drive time has increased to 48 minutes out of tracy into dublin. the full check of traffic coming up in just a bit. >> we're following a story where a man is that after he and one more found bound and gagged. jackie sissel is live outside of as a general with an update. >> a lot more questions coming from the san francisco police department. this is where both be the victims were brought last night. one of them has been pronounced dead at the hospital. here is a video for the same last night. according to sampras as the police officers around 830 last night are on the 900 block of brussels street and bay view 2 victims one male and one female were both found in the middle of the st bound and gagged. what we are told is that both victims were alive when police found them. they were transported to sam francisco general hospital there. one of the victims the mail believe to be in his 20s was pronounced dead. the other woman victim, no condition update on her so far. there are reports that she may have life-threatening injuries also. we don't even know what the
, tail lights westbound, a few -- brake lights flat section north -- accident northbound 680 at dublin truck scales off to the shoulder. >>> breaking news from colorado. this is in that denver area and these are live pictures from wells county you can see a lot of authorities on scene of what they are calling a murder-suicide at a subdivision outside of denver. they are saying that at least four are dead, possibly five. again, murder-suicide on hot springs drive. police tape, investigators on the scene. tragic situation. victims and circumstances of the deaths not being released. this happening in the past hour or so, breaking news from colorado, four or five dead in a murder-suicide. >>> funerals continue today for the vick of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. in the last hour students have taken the first step toward returning to school. katie marzullo join us live from the newsroom. >> reporter: four more funerals scheduled for today in newton, three students and one teacher. two 6-year-old boys have already been laid to rest. so much grief and yet back-to-school for the district
your way towards concord. look at your drive times, 680 corridor to dublin pleasanton, good from walnut creek, 24 to the caldecott tunnel under 20 minutes out of santa rosa into novato drive about 30 minutes which is typical this morning. >>> moraga teen denied an eagle scout award because he's gay will be honored by state lawmakers today. he spent 10 years working toward that award. last year scout officials said he violated the scout's anti-gay policy his mom star add online drive to try to quinn the scouts to reverse their decision. more than 425,000 signatures. today ryan will be honored at the opening session of the assembly by openly guy speaker john peres. >>> raider nation we want to see your team pride, e-mail photos to ureport. we'll post photos at and show them on air. during our special raiders' day he -- decision of abc7 news at 5 watch manning take on the raiders right here on abc 7. >>> omg! the text message celebrating a big anniversary. >>> pope benedict is trying something new to reach the younger generation. >>> first, here's abc's money report. >>> airli
out towards the dublin interchange. once again the roads are dry for now. and it l.a.x. like it's going to stay that -- it looks like it's going to stay that way for much of the morning. the commute, if you want to call it that, has been exceptionally quiet. i just checked in with our chp reports that have all the latest incidents and there's nothing on there right now. so westbound 580 looks great. heading towards the dublin interchange, we can take you to our maps and show you the drive time for had stretch. 15 minutes still in the green between the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. there may still be some roadwork on the eastbound lanes of 580 through livermore. not causing much of a delay at all at this point and a quick look out in the east bay. the nimitz 880 is fine near the oakland coliseum. that's traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> oakland is hiring some new help as it tries to cut down on crime in the city. legendary lawman bill bratton will become a consultant now for the oakland pd. he helped reduced violent crime when heed haded up new y
to leave havana for dublin, where some of the most famous writers i keep admiring were born, and also dreaming of paris where my grandparents, my grandfather, spend many important years of his life. also i want to move to my place, i don't know what was the name of that place. every time people call me la englicita, the little english woman because in cuba, in the caribbean, they didn't make any difference. all the irish were english. and all the people from asia were chinese. all the jews were called polacos, polish. that is interesting because the irish were part of the spanish community in cuba, but usually they didn't make the difference. so they call me and they call my father el inglis, the english guy. so when they call me that and when my name suffered many different spellings. later on in life, in the 70's, i had many identification cards with names like coffee that i didn't drink at the time, so i began drinking coffee later on, names like caufildo and garfield, my favorite one, that made me wonder if the bureaucrats at the id office knew that i really love cats. without my
spree targeting four drug stores in 36 hours, starting on wednesday in dublin. the a lot of one was yesterday afternoon, at the dublin safeway pharmacy. and in all, four robberies, he gave a clerk a net saying he was armed and wanted drugs like oxycontin. >> what happened today in connecticut saddened all of us and we want to share a story now of hope and love. hundreds wrote qlerts asking him to grnt a wish to sick kids. that is part of a make a wish campaign. >> how many letters did our second graders hear? >> these of are a few of kids in fremont who wrote a wish. >> i wished about my family. and friends. >> my mom and dad have a great nd not have to struggle witness. >> for all children say stay out of the hospital, feel better about themselves. >> their second grade teacher organized this project. >> this could with some of the kids wonder when they wish for. >> macy's donated $2 to make a wish foundation, granting wishes to kids with life threatening medical conditions. she had a shopping spree today, before flying in january to meet justin beiber. students and parents man
to battle the rain this morning. this is a live look right now from our dublin cam of the you can see all those clouds there. and depending where you are, you're going to see showers. elizabeth wenger is keepi an "eye on the storm." >> you can see showers on our hi-def doppler. we are following a couple of cells now one over the south bay looking at heavier rain falling in parts of san jose, moderate to heavy showers. and look at this across the san mateo bridge, portions along the peninsula, 101 and 280 seeing some showers, as well. but then, we have also got blue skies so it's a mixed bag out there. this is what we've been dealing with throughout the morning and it's going to continue to look like this throughout the afternoon. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. we'll have much more when we'll dry out, a look at the seven- day forecast coming up. >> thank you. you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar on our website, >>> heavy rains mean worries for some people on the peninsula. they are preparing for more possible flooding along san fran
really think you can take the city of dublin politics to wash and it's going to work? >> -- to washington and it's going to work? >> at the end of the day it's about personal relationships and trust. >> reporter: he said he had to work with republicans in order to pass the city budget and says it's the same kind. compromise strategy in washington -- kind of compromise strategy in washington. >> i'm still confident we can beat the clock and deliver on middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: i asked him to give me one word to describe his feelings entering this fiscal cliff shark tank. >> excitement. >> reporter: s this doomsday. >> but i'm confident -- this is doomsday. >> but i'm confident that congress will see the will of the people. >> reporter: he says he's excited about making sure his supporters know he is ready to hit the pavement running. one supporter in particular. >> my own mom at christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. she is following just like other americans what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: representative elect swalwell says his new office
and milton friedman. but his perspective, his favorite economist remarked one dublin, and canes, all very pro-government activist, statist from my perspective, i wanted a more balanced approach. saw want to highlight more of the free-market thinkers and what their role was. in fact, the heroic thinker in my book is adams that, the founder of modern economics i discovered by making him the central character of my book and his team of his system of natural liberty which is what he called it in the wealth of nations, i was able to actually tell a story. this book is actually a story that has a plot, hal adams smith and his system of natural liberty are treated overtime, how they come under attack by the marxist, the dublins, the keynesian sense someone, but have they are resurrected, brought back to life and even improved upon by the other schools of economics, the austrian school, chicago school of economics, and friedman and so forth. it's really a unique -- i think have done something really unique. and make a real story with a heroic figure who triumphs in the end. a true american story. the
together for the people who elected you. >> reporter: he was a dublin city councilman and said he had to work with republicans in order to pass a city budget. he says it's the same kind of compromise strategy in washington. >> i'm confident there can be a buzzer beater where we can beat the clock and deliver. >> reporter: i asked him to give me one word to describe his feelings entering this fiscal cliff shark tank. >> exciting. >> reporter: you're excited? >> i'm excited. >> reporter: this is doomsday. >> but i'm confident that congress will see the will of the people. >> reporter: he says he's excited about making sure his supporters know he is ready to hit the pavement running. one supporter in particular. >> my own mom at christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. she is following just like other americans what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: representative elect says his new office in dc won't be much bigger, butt responsibilities monumental. his message? >> mom, i'm working for you. i'm receiving your text messages. and i'm going to make sure i stand u
commute still a good drive out of tracy and central valley up and over the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area, one-way traffic control traveling from pacifica over towards half moon bay or the other direction, highway 1 devils slide one-way control beginning 9:00 this morning to repair erosion from the last storms. >>> 5:10. violence in syria is taking an ominous turn. next, the action that has the u.s. giving the government there a new warning. >>> political job that new york's mayor bloomberg thinks hillary clinton would be per >>> good tuesday morning. 5:13. sutro tower camera looking at san francisco across the bay into oakland clear out there. no real rain drops right now. a few sprinkles possibly. mike says if you are in the north bay chances are better for that this morning. >>> you are about to see frightening video. an arrest warrant is out for a tv host involved in a stunt that left a chico man with severe burns while magician was per for on tv in the dominican republic. -- the host doused him with flappable cologne and his head was cover -- flammable colon his head
minutes from the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area. westbound 4 at railroad, accident there slow from antioch towards concord. >>> 6:21. >>> ahead, feeding frenzy down under on a popular beach. >>> getting glassware spotless. michael finney with the products promising to get the job done a Ñsñúa >>> take a look at this sharks on a feeding frenzy this is video from perth, australia showing 16 tiger sharks coming close to a beach. it is believed they were feeding on a dolphin carcass, as a result the beach is closed off to visitors. tiger sharks are known to attack humans but there hasn't been a fatal attack in west australian waters since 1930. >> something a little more common. whether you are cleaning up after a holiday party or just regular dinner, getting glassware spotless can be easier said than done. >> michael finney and consumer reports put dish water additives to the test. >> reporter: good morning. are you frustrated by filmy build-up on your glasses? there are additives for dishwashers that promise to help. consumer tested to find out whether they can really delive
through dublin, 580,/680. san rafael is coming your way on light for the north bay. a few patches in the weather system between the san rafael. we will continue to see rainfall as we go towards it this evening. this is the third system of the week. this is still alive look. this is not the core. it is to the north. this is still however, a live look. widespread. a quick look at rainfall totals it just in the last 24 hours. in the north bay, just under 2 in.. one half inch pan san francisco, traces and dublin. and oakland, also not that much but this system is just as strong as the last one. we will see scattered showers with the high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge. the high wind advisory starting at 10:00 p.m. the heaviest rainfall and corn will be tomorrow morning court wednesday. the good news is that-quarter will be tomorrow but a decrease in showers for the latter part of said it will not be that bad. we will time it out on futurecast. i will let you know what we can expect. when we can get a break. >> we are going to jeff bush. you say that residents are looking at
, 680 corridor, dublin, pleasanton, livermore, back to san ramon, pretty good line also from heyed -- hayward. back to the peninsula, there's been enhancement, especially san mateo, belmont, woodside. right along the san mateo coast near skyline, now stretching to the santa cruz mountains. south coast, woodstock, you can see mountain view head heading up and just getting to san jose. things are not look -- things are not as active there but they are getting there soon. you can see the santa cruz mountains. that whole line is moving. so forestville 1.30. san francisco, .75. i think about half of that fell in about an hour and a half. petaluma about .50. pretty good band of moisture but it is moving onshore right now. so i think pie noon, things will let up. cloudy, rain, some fog. heavy rain for some. drizzle for others. 60s on the temperatures. unbelievably mild out there and this is the last in the series. the pattern will change. fog will be a huge issue thursday and friday, nights an morning looks good for the weekend, though. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. >>> new this mor
and dublin pleasanton area. >>> 6:31. happening now we are waiting for the u.s. supreme court to reveal at any moment, whether it will weigh in on same-sex . the court is expected to announce between 6:30 and 7:00 this morning our time whether it will review the legality of prop 8, california's ban. the court may take up federal defense of marriage act which bars federal benefits to same-sex couples. if the court reviews prop 8, a ruling would come before june. if justices refuse to hear the caseler court decision declaring the ban unconstitutional to stan allowing marriages to resume within days. stay with the abc7 morning news if announcement comes during this newscast we'll bring it to you right way. >>> breaking news, two chp officers recovering after their patrol car flipped on the altamont pass during an early morning pursuit. kira klapper joins us live from the chp office in dublin. >> reporter: good morning many we are at the dublin chp office where those officers were based, they are already back from being treated at the hospital over the last few hours. video we shot 3:30 thi
lanes blocked there. westbound is looking pretty good as you make your way towards the dublin interchange on 580 west. let's take a look at abc waze app, van ness at fell. slow traffic on fell street. you might want to navigate around that. waseapp is free and it will help you navigate your commute. >>> thank you very much. new this morning, two earthquakes or possibly one, there is some confusion about this now. hit off the coast of southern california, they struck at 2:36 this morning. originally reported at 6.4 and 6.1. if there are two earthquakes they have been downgraded to 6.3 and 4.7 which they consider light. it was centered 88 miles southwest of catalina island. southern california says they were shaken out of bed but no reports of damage or injuries. >> fire investigators hope to get their first look inside a fremont machine shop gutted by a massive fire. amy hollyfield is live at the plant. employees need to know when they will be going back to work again? >> they will not be going inside this building anytime soon. look at the damage behind me. there will be a mee
drive times 20 minutes from the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area no delays westbound checking in with mass transit great way to go, everybody is on schedule. >>> 5:22. >>> why is rudolph's nose red? >>> how much would you shell out to attend a sporting event? you won't believe the sky high price being paid for one . >>> dutch scientists determined the most likely reason that rudolph has that red nose. their conclusion, his nose overheats. the team ran tests on reindeer to investigate and this is video. they say rudolph exerts so much energy pulling the slay -- pulling the sleigh it over works his cooling mechanism. rudolph has a cold, par sid i can infection for suffering from -- from alcoholic intoxication. they have to have proof before they can smear rudolph. >>> you may have skin that is reddish this morning from the cold. >>> definitely cold and dry all the moisture coagulating or condensing in the form of frost on the cars, rooftops, grass, if you like to play golf, no way you are getting on those courses until that frost melts. low to mid 50s today. doppler acr
heavy rain through that area too water may have been a fact for san ramon valley from highway 24 dublin pleasanton, 15 minutes,]e san rafael 101 towards golden gate plaza, not bad dry east shore commute from the carquinez bridge high winds into the macarthur maze under 20 minutes. >>> 5:10. >> next, dramatic images of a ten touching down as a number of twisters hit part of the deep south. >>> now that christmas is over, we'll tell you when you can put your tree on the curb to make sure it stays -- >>> "wall street journal"Ñe:c2 reports obama administration is thinking of expanding refinancing programs. borrowers whose mortgages are not backed by the government andover more than the homes are worth may be eligible soon. tom economist believes housing will be one of the bright spots of the economy next year he says housing will improve over the next three to four years, better sales, more construction and higher prices. china now has the longest high speed rail line in the world more than 1400 miles. trains began traveling this morning. top speeds of 200 miles an hour. that's america's m
still a good ride, less than 20 minutes from the altamont up and over into livermore into the dublin pleasanton area no delays on westbound commute. roadwork until 7:00ei this morning north 101 peninsula, 380 to airport!vw? boulevard, three lanes there and one-way control over devil slide due to paving work. a south bay community center ready to help make christmas brighter for thousands of families. amy hollyfield is live at sacred heart community service in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. peoplee behind me some you can't see because they are so bundled upb, it is very cold out here. here is a shot from years past what it looks like inside what they are camping out for at the sacred heart community service christmas toy box distribution. parents can pick out toys and books for children, they will hand out toys for 5,690 kids. parents say camping out overnight is the least they can do. >>ññve 37° and i'm just here because i do care of my threev÷Ñ kids and i'm just -- i've been unfortunate this year and so i thank god for this organization and this morning has been a blessi
a bit if you are coming through the dublin interchange. all those headlights, that's the commute direction. that's westbound 580 and you can see a little bit of bunching up as you get closer to tassajara. 14 minutes between the altamont pass and dublin interchange. so you can see maybe a few changing colors on our sensor now as you get closer towards livermore. roadwork this morning eastbound lanes of highway 4 through antioch just one lane blocked. so the westbound commute direction still looks good actually all the way towards the pittsburg-bay point area. northbound 880 approaching stevenson boulevard that accident is now cleared. looking good towards highway 84. going in the other direction southbound 880, this is a live look in milpitas near the 237 interchange. both directions moving at the limit. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> police say a stray bullet hit and killed a woman in east oakland last night. witnesses say they heard five shots in the 9100 block of international boulevard shortly before 7:00. investigators say the victim was not the intended
. toward the dublin interchange westbound 580 we had one earlier accident westbound 580 approaching 680. it is now cleared to the right shoulder. so slight delays right there actually. we are seeing a little bottleneck approaching the dublin interchange. it's your usual traffic at this time of the morning. elsewhere you will notice the drive time coming through the altamont pass. it's still in the clear, 16 minutes so overall the volume is definitely lighter than we typically see. elsewhere the nimitz in the east bay, so far moving at the limit. up and down 880 from the macarthur maze past the coliseum all the way down towards hayward, no delay. and bridge traffic is moving fine, as well. across the golden gate, south bay drive times still moving at the limit and just a note, the southbound great highway remains shut down, drifting sand is the issue. usually it happens after a storm as we got yesterday. shut down between lincoln way and sloat boulevard. so let's talk more about this weather forecast. >>> we have a nice dry break coming. we have not been able to say that in a while. so y
what's going on on the roads. a lot of folks have the week off. this is a live look in the dublin interchange 16 minutes the drive time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. elsewhere to our maps, they just did some lane changes across the golden gate bridge so now more lanes are open towards san francisco doyle drive. looking good across the span. 880 and 237, so far traffic moving at the limit. we are hoping for later volume once again today. this is a live look at 880 heading toward oakland airport. no delay from the maze all the way down towards hayward. and the south bay these are all live drive time sensors the guadalupe parkway 280, so far, so good. and once again mass transit on a normal weekday schedule today and no delays. that is traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> we are following some breaking news right now in walnut creek. we're hearing reports of an officer-involved shooting. firefighters were called to the 1400 block of creekside drive just about 90 minutes ago. we don't have any details on whether anyone was injured. police ar
. cooler in the san mateo. and just in the upper 30s in dublin and larkspurg cloudy for tomorrow morning. as we go for the afternoon of the storm will pressed to the self. with rain and windy conditions. here is futurecast. by 10:00 a.m., notice is to try and cloudy. the rainfall will hold off at is-drive -- with the storm pressing to be-- south... by 10:00 a.m., it will spread to the south steady showers and it could even be heavy at times. showers and bedded possible. embedded-van that will be the case for the overnight hours overnight and for scattered showers mixed in with sunshine. wednesday, gusting winds, 30 m.p.h.-40 m.p.h. and improving conditions on wednesday afternoon. a dry day for thursday. we talk about the fiscal cliff - but there could also be a 'dairy cliff'. sevening next year, you dollars for a gallon of milk. a stalled farm bill means certain protections for farmers are expiring. a dairy subsidy ends january first. if congress doesn't act before then, the u-s would revert to a 63-year-old dairy policy. it would force the government to buy milk at inflated prices, driv
, in the upper 30's. concord, dublin, one of the coolest spots were as close to freezing. look for a cold night tonight with a cool start tomorrow sunshine but clouds will be increasing. there is a storm system at this point we will stay dry. new year's day a cold morning and temperatures the drop today. take a look these morning temperatures. getting down to below zero. plenty of sunshine, and snowfall, futurecast by midnight clear over northern california. clear skies in place and that will be the case as i mentioned for tomorrow. by 8:00 a.m., look for some scattered high clouds. by noon, those clouds will continue to increase. partly to mostly cloudy. these clouds will not have any rain chances. it is looking for new year's eve but is going to be cold. temperatures for tomorrow are going to reach the 40's and '50's. a chilly day from beginning to end. to stave we will see the new year with a sunshine. tuesday. we will see a new year with a sunshine. >> still to come. a baby is on the way for one hot hollywood couple. we reveal who just made the announcement hours ago. you can enjoy new year
time westbound at 33 minutes from the old, pass to the dublin interchange makes it one at a faster than the average commute day. light traffic is still low for the peninsula of lot north bay and south bay. >> the clean up today really begins in earnest. nowhere more important than in lafayette. will tran is standing by there this morning where they have a massive sinkhole they are trying to repair before the next round of storms. well what does this situation. >> a 20 ft. sinkhole you can see behind me. it is literally on the street here because they use to be covered. all the rain fall that we have the last couple of days the ground and so i'll underneath it gave way and that caused this thing called. crews fought rust out and have their heavy equipment and a plan to be out here for the next several days and weeks to make repairs. this could have been a lot worse, no one was hurt. utility wires as well as a 12 in. water main that run underneath this. they will continue to monitor the situation and make emergency repairs. people out there still have electricity and their water. this fau
. >>> street level into the east bay, right along 680 from alamo, danville, san ramon to dublin you can see bollinger canyon, crow canyon road, up to stone valley road light to moderate rain as you come across the east bay hills into the sews bay shore hegenberger expressway towards -- towards the oakland airport light to moderate rain down to san leandro. let's cross over towards sausalito, tiburon, san rafael avenue, paradise drive, getting light to moderate rain. same around san francisco down towards daly city, colma, south san francisco, geneva avenue towards brisbane that's where you are seeing the lighter rain. heiest of the rain moving into the heart of the bay area now. -- heaviest of the rain moving into the part of the bay area right now. >>> roads are very busy. a lot of standing water, flooding, southbound 101 at paul leaving san francisco three lanes flooded use caution, 80 westbound very heavy couple earlier accidents, blinking lights right past golden gate fields and before university. eastbound better earlier accident at gilman, westbound from highway 4 very tough ride on 8
so overall "friday light." that is a live look right now towards the dublin interchange. westbound 580 you can see a few slower speeds maybe as you approach 680 and the dublin interchange. but the drive time is still free and clear. we can go to our maps for this and show you this nice long stretch of green. 13 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. so yeah, as you approach vasco road heading towards livermore, so far, so good. still seeing top speeds. elsewhere your bridges, golden gate bridge traffic flowing nicely as you head towards doyle drive. i mentioned some areas of overnight roadwork. you will find it in stretches of the nimitz through oakland northbound, southbound 880 between embarcadero and fruitvale. also various lanes blocked as you approach washington. so just a heads up. also, along the peninsula through san mateo, various lanes scheduled to be blocked, we just checked in with caltrans, on northbound 101 from 92 towards 3rd, otherwise all mass transit including all bart trains so far on time of the that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>>
good to dublin and the valley. >>> well, lows are in the 30s and rain returns for everybody. some of the higher elevations just noticed that and it's more of a breezy day and that could add up and i have some updates to show you. now off the coast, the warmer water is supporting shower activity but once you run into land, it has dryer air and this will dissipate. we could get a few clouds along the coast and some of the higher elevations long mendocino county. there is a definite windchill in the air so definitely bundle up. the colder air is still filtering in and if it was not for the cloud cover, they would be cooler and in fact single digits. a lot of activity is moving to the north, colder and breezy into wednesday, and it parks itself and it will not be as strong as it was from three weeks ago but saturday looks like a steady rain. three to five inches north bay and 2 to 4 for santa cruz mountains and i will fine tune those once we get closer. a little warmer by the bay and closer to the coast but not that much warmer. it will be a cool breeze city day. thursday night throug
around hayward and then over to dublin. you can see milpitas. anchor road and heading over to cupertino and few more heading toward san francisco, daly city and colma and half moon bay. this is all moving from west to east. it will be most prevalent during the morning hours. by noon, temperatures will hold steady in the low to mid 50s. >> live look did he golden gate bridge, roads are wet. traffic is moving nicely heading into san francisco from the waldo grade in marin county. 680, injury accident blocking an off-ramp, back to traffic app showing 101 northbound jammed from the expressway, from santa clara up to sunnyvale. an earlier accident at mada very heavy traffic remains. to navigate your commute, free app at apple app store or google play. >>> first of 28 funerals will take place today in connecticut. two young boys killed at sandy hook elementary will be buried. this morning we are hearing a new story of survival. news reporter joins us live from the newsroom. >> six-year-old jack pinto and noah pos never will be laid to rest. jack pinto will be laid in victor cruz's jersey beca
pass to the dublin interchange. should be about a 14 or 15- minute commute in those westbound lanes of 580 and bart off to a great start. all mass transit on time. that's traffic, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> a woman was shot and killed in east oakland by a stray bullet. witnesses say they heard about 5 shots on international boulevard shortly before 7:00 last night. investigators say the victim was not the intended target of the shooter. but no arrests have been made. >>> more bay area headlines. the oakland economy inn wants to reopen early. a court order shut the motel down until august due to prostitution. now the owner is offering an out-of-state management company to oversee it plus one room dedicated as a police substation. neighbors say they want the motel to stay closed. >>> and big layoffs looming for city college of san francisco unless administrators can shore up finances. trustees are looking to slash 34 full-time and 20 to 30 part- time positions starting next month. paycuts are expected, as well. the community college also needs 3,000 more students to register
for the drive to the all the mob has westbound. coming down the 2 05 to the dublin interchange. all is well for the south bay, peninsula and north bay rights. >> this is the san francisco international airport parking lot. the crowds have been growing steadily throughout the morning. today will be one of the busiest travel days of the year for s f o. mike pelton is monitoring the situation out there. no rain yet but have the delays are restarted to read this area? >> the faa has already announced for our delays for some of arriving flights at s f o. i talk to the duty manager and he says they're keeping an eye on the weather in san francisco. they may have to but the ground like cover on into effect. if you are flying today you will want to check your flight status before leaving the house. lots of people are expected to fly today about a hundred and 30,000 people are expected to travel passed through sfo today. many are mom and are going home and are excited to take a week off of work. >> being on the beach with my whole family and having a good time with the whole family together for the
. you can see pulling away from hayward and union city towards dublin and sanol and pulling froóío<ç fremont across mission boulevard, one shower and then another one near hillcrest boulevardaexlv towards millbrae, burlingame and you can see now the whole san pablo bay area starting from hercules and heading towardsmutp novato it s quiet now, the showers are still moving to the south and east more up to the north. finally, san jose you are going to get wet weather along the dumbarton bridge towarding 237 is where your next shower is only a matter of moments before it gets there. santa rosa 39°, rest of us in the mid to upper 40s, 50 half moon bay. monterey bay and inland low to mid 40s, monterey 50. today light to moderate showers all day. brief break tomorrow, one day, light rain friday better chance of wet weather saturday. warm front yesterday long duration rain, cold front comes in more showery in nature, stronger, burst of heavier rain now on the back side of this low, counterclockwise flow wrapping around moisture bringing it off the ocean making it unstable the low is th
fog in the danville, dublin area so drive slowly. right now we will start in the south bay 280 near san jose. traffic on the right hand side there northbound toward san francisco at race street a little bit sluggish this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have gridlock. metering lights are on. give yourself a extra 15 minutes. in se know ma county near the raceway we had an earlier accident here. a car going over the embankment. the scene has been cleared but you can see traffic on 37 westbound still feeling the effects. here is an accident we believe was caused by the fog right lane blocked here on 680 southbound at sycamore valley road. give yourself extra time if you live in the danville, dublin area. right now we will check in with rosemary. >>> mostly clear, calm, and cold. good morning, sunshine. the sunrises in another 20 minutes or so but already beginning to see that beautiful hugh. we have the official sunrise i should say because some of us already beginning to see the daylight. temperatures really rolling back. anywhere from 5-10 degreesaround the bay area. closer
gate bridge, the bay bridge and the dublin- pleasanton commute all of which are still moving at the limit. more "timesaver traffic" coming up. >>> all right, elizabeth. thank you. >>> the golden state warriors might want to stay on the road forever. >> guys are hot! 4-0. stephen curry at home in charlotte where his father does a broadcast for the bobcats. steal and score! curry had 27 and 7 assists including a beauty to mr. david lee with the dunk there. the warriors won 104-96. they are 4-0 on the trip that continued tomorrow but they are going to miami. that will be a tough one. >>> 9ers runningback brandon jacobs hasn't gotten the playing time he thinks he deserves and now he won't be getting any playing time at a.m. the team suspended him for the last three games. jacobs posted on twitter an instagram that he wanted to get more game time saying he was, quote, on this team rotting away. the head coach didn't comment yesterday but jim harbaugh suspended him. >>> 9ers could win the nfc west in prime time. nfl did a smart move changing the time of the december 23rd game again
anything but it's been pretty good as far as accidents go, slowdowns. here's a live look at the dublin interchange, 580 westbound and eastbound moving at the limit in some spots obviously starting to get busy out there, as well. through livermore we have some brake lights so right now the drive time is almost 20 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. at the bay bridge, they have metering lights on so we have delays in the cash and fastrak lanes beyond the first overcrossing. 101 in marin county we have another live camera closer to san rafael so southbound 101 looks pretty good right now as you approach that 580 interchange and continues to look good down towards the golden gate bridge. westbound highway 4 obviously very busy and then speeds improve towards pittsburg-bay point. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> at the coast or the bay you are likely to see higher water than usual. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisco right now watching for this morning's king tides along the embarcadero. >> reporter: good morning. i feel like singing a bl
of pharmacy robberies in dublin and pleasanton. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us from pleasanton where two of the four robberies happened. brian. >> reporter: the main question is whether all these pharmacy robberies are related. we are live here though in front of a rite aid off the 2800 block here in pleasanton. this particular location was robbed around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. but there were also pharmacy robberies at a lucky pharmacy location not too far from here around 6:15 last night. there was a third attempted robbery that may or may not be related that happened a the the 7400 block of dublin boulevard in dublin around 12:40 yesterday. and now we are hearing there was a fourth attempted robbery at a cvs around 5:30 yesterday. a man or men walked up to the pharmacist with a demand note stating he had a gun and wanted some type of opiate based narcotics. when the pharmacist said no the man fled on foot. who police are looking for this morning is either a white or middle eastern man with a beard in his mid 30s around 5'3" and 150 pounds. and another man 5'7" and 200 poun
below the freezing mark in dublin, you are going to need to scrape your windshield. we are not even at the coldest part of the morning but we are well below freezing >> yes, that is the unfortunate truth. they could drop a few more degrees at the we could get the latest from erica. >> good morning, james fa 50s for this afternoon i am surprised if there was not a freeze morning or defrost advisory. the east bay interior valleys, 28 in fairfield. concord, 29 very similar to yesterday the only difference is that it is not that cold to the heart of the bay. 44 and other areas, and it just depends on where you are. not that bad a latethe big story is the light rain is in a regatta. and a lot of clubs associated in the year rica. you recall ...we could see rain in eureka.... the rain chance this will continue to out of the day on friday. wet weather will stick around. in fact by saturday, more inches in the north bay, with one-3 in. anticipated for the bay area. for the afternoon highs? 50s. 59 degrees in oakland. as we take a look get your headlines if there are rain with clouds later.
of water came shooting out of a fire hydrant in the 8000 block of northlake drive this morning in dublin. the vehicle accidentally crashed into the hydrant causing a lake of its own. no word of any injuries. >>> if you thought it was cold today bundle up tonight. chief meteorologist paul deanno says some places could be in the 20s. >> we have not been this cold since january. it's been cold the past couple nights. people say it's cold. it's early. not even winter yet. tonight we hit bottom. for alameda that means 36. early-morning in cupertino 34. frost advisory for you. how about clearlake and the north bay? upper 20s tonight. areas shaded in red the north bay under a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. the east bay and south bay almost all the way up to san francisco up the pins under a frost advisory which means which means bring the pets inside and cover up the tender vegetation. here are the specifics. santa rosa down to 29. oakland 37. mountain view 35. pacifica, san francisco right around 40. and concord, walnut creek and livermore and pleasanton flirting with the freezing mark t
towards the dublin interchange. and i kind of made this wide view of the east bay so you can see how nicely things are flowing through the macarthur maze. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> and we thank you, liz. 5:12 now. call it the cost of convenience. the new ban going into effect tomorrow for one bay area city. >> plus they did it again. the 49ers lock up another nfc title. we have game highlights. >> first, caught on camera. how a bottle of vodka helped stop a robbery, coming your way. ,, [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. ♪ it can even be a game changer. that's why choosy moms and dads choose jif. to make just about anything delicious. introducing new jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread. whatever you put it on... reaches a whole new level of deliciousness. choosy moms choose jif. surveillance video from thuy shows the suspect motioninge he has a gun. he demands ca, uffs money into >>> a store clerk in boston using a bottle of vodka to fight off a burglar. the suspect motioned like he had a gu
area, light rain over dublin, pleasanton and heavier rainfall pressing towards 680. consistently, light showers and down the peninsula with light rain over the water. light rain and pressing towards palo alto. we will continue with this rainfall for this evening. showers. this is a first part of a system that impacted us with moisture moving slow to the south. we have a another system just on the heels of this one. to the north, it is bracing towards your weekend. and we are already dealing with delays at visibility with j. r. stone. and also the weekend rainfall. details, coming up. >> pam: and our team starts tonight with kron 4's j-r stone. where the bad weather is hitting. during one of the busiest travel days of the year. j-r, we hear it's a big mess for southwest fliers in particular. >>reporter: you have got that correct there are delays all across the board. however, when it comes to south west it is a complete mess. this is video from the last one hour. you see how long the line is just to get to the ticket counter. many of these people are waiting just to check their bags! i t
. all were 3 in. and have miranda, 2 in. in petaluma, and nearly that much in dublin, as we take a look of the stormtracker 4 radar. some light showers continuing near santa rosa, highway 101, windsor. and towards concord, some rainfall earlier but it has been pressing to the east. taking a look of the satellite and radar we are continuing to see the northern california for this hour we are continuing to see this thumb of moisture. this band of march of a disturbing for northern california. we are still warm to see these showers. this low system with a branch off here bringing plenty of rainfall to the coastline. here is what we can expect with a spotty showers and mainly dry conditions on/off. it will be steady but much lighter than what we saw today. towards the sunday, heavy rainfall, gusting wind. you will time it out on futurecast with rainfall totals coming up in just a bit. >>pam: the north bay has been the hardest hit area so far... kron 4's dan kerman has more on damage ... this round of rain left behind. >> in the mill valley on friday night public works crews were still at
. it is raining in dublin, showing you the rain that's coming down. there's a lot of areas now getting rain. paul has picked up on high dfe doppler. and it's going to get here early tonight, and tomorrow. san francisco down to berkeley and emeryville and walnut creek, oakland, city of san francisco, daly city its pouring right now. san brew esansan brew -- san san bruno. and heelsburg, clear lake, santa rosa. only light showers there. guerneville, 35-foot crests likely. at 11 on monday, well after the rain is done, that's when the river will hit its peak monday morning 3 feet above flood stage. the napa river will peak or crest a little bit earlier by lunchtime tomorrow, 2 feet above flood stage. moderate flooding is forecast for there. it is a river of tropical moisture literally stretching, we took a plane from here and flew all the way to hawaii, you would be in the same massive cloud. that's how far down to the south and west this tropical moisture goes. low pressure hasn't moved so the next storm will aim right where the last one did, in northern california and round number three is almost h
valley, partly sunny, 63. dublin, pleasant hill,y low 60s, lows 60s for kentfield, san francisco, 61, 63 degrees, tomorrow, monday forecast is dry. tuesday, cloudier, still dry, though. wednesday, we will see reason. especially up north. another inch of rainfall. sanfrancisco, quarter of an inch of rain. thursday, dry, friday, dry. the weekend, dry. a lot more dry than wet over the next several days. so, we have earned this break. >> no kidding. >> thank you for this forecast. >> you are welcome. >>> a tragedy in a drug war off of the california coast. >>> one of colorado's scenic parks on fire. how the firefighters are dealing with the spreading flames. guard investigation into >>> frusterating. >>> once again, palmer puts the raiders in position to win a football game. we will have his reaction and show you what happened there. and we will be joined by stanford football coach, shaw, as they head to the rose bowl. all coming up next on gameday ♪ aids is not going to take my baby. ♪ aids will not take our future. ♪ our weapons are testing... education, care and support. ♪ and aid
-added meeting today in dublin, ireland. here you see her earlier today. she and the russian minister decided to meet with the envoy to syria. across barbra himybill: russia s discussion in moscow. earlier in a week there was a report it was pulling support away from damascus. has that bent case? and why the relationship with russia so critical. >> reporter: it's one of the countries syria will listen to. russia could have sway over syrian president assad. >> the best issue we have is russia. russia stood up and told him to stop the chemical weapons issue and he backed off. but now he's back at it again. >> reporter: if assad does leave the immediate problem for the international community is who will take over in syria. then another key issue is how and who will secure the chemical weapons? bill: we are awaiting word from the pentagon and when that happt to you. martha: sarin gas is one of the world's most dangerous chemical weapons. experts say it has 500 times as toxic quality as cyanide does. 100 milligrams, which is one drop, can kill the average person in minutes if he or she is not giv
far away the weather shot. >> from dublin. we can see it right now. pearl harbor yesterday shine the beacon one day a year. chances are you may see if you are out. let's wait for it. look at the top of the mt.diablo. you can see it from many miles away. right there we have mainly clear skies above it. another beautiful view here from our roof top at cbs 5 looking toward the bay bridge. it was a gorgeous day with many of you in the low 60s. as soon as we lose that sunshine in december you will drop to the 50s. police officer more, 57. concord 55. that is not rainfall offshore. just ground clutter there. cbs 5 is completely dry and will stay that way for awhile. look how much better we are doing this year for the snow pack. last year we were 36% of normal. we're now up to 87% of normal. far, far better than we were last year. if you're a skier you know the conditions are much better than last year. fairfield tonight 38. concord 39. livermore, 30. oakland dropping down to the upper 40s. it is going to be a chilly night but a gorgeous weekend. it is all about a big area of high press
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